Our Distillery

quick facts:

  • All bottling and labelling is done by hand.
  • We have a 1,000L pot still that starts the production process and creates our rye and whisky.
  • We can produce a batch of Vodka from start to finish in about 5 days.
  • We’re the 12th craft distiller currently open in the Province of Ontario.
  • Canadian Whisky, like Scottish Whisky is spelled without the ‘e’.
  • Distilled spirits can be made from a variety of sources. The most common is grain (corn, rye, etc.), but they can also be made with tender fruits, root vegetables and molasses, among others.
  • An unopened bottle of vodka, whisky or gin can be stored nearly indefinitely without affecting its taste or quality.


We boil the raw materials (grain, barley, etc) to 96C and collect about 80L of alcohol from our 1,000L kettle.  The remainder is boiled off and then we flow the product through our 21 plate columns . The plates are used to clean the alcohol and in essence, each plate acts as one distillate of the process. We then collect the alcohol in one of 8 fermentation tanks where it sits before being casked or blended with RO water and ready for bottling.

Our plates are important for separating the good alcohol (hearts) from the harsh alcohols (heads and tails). We discard the heads and tails from the process as they would affect the smoothness of product. A good distiller earns their stripes from knowing the precise moment to complete their cuts, ensuring only the heart of the spirit is used.

For our Gin, we use the traditional method which incorporates a gin basket. The gin basket is filled with of locally sourced botanicals and infuses (flavours) the alcohol vapours as they leave the pot still.