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Maple Whisky

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ABV 40%
Aging 4 years
Recipe 100% Rye grain, brand new American oak
Blended with Dark Maple Syrup
Bottle size 750mL

Tasting Note
Showcasing the best of Canada is part of our mission, this 4-year-old whisky is blended with dark maple sourced from local farms. Light bodied, smooth and slightly sweet on the palate with a clean finish, this whisky will soon be your new favourite to sip or add that little extra sweetness to your mixed drinks. Our best seller!


Signature Servings


whisky maple mint

This heavenly simple cocktail infuses minty freshness with a sweet and spicy finish.


4 Mint leaves
2 oz Canadian Maple Whisky
2 oz Water
1 Cup ice
Method: Shaken over ice
Garnish with mint leaves

Niagara Maple Cherry Sour

Niagara is Canada’s fruit basket; our cherry farms produce both sweet and sour cherries, the perfect garnish for our Maple Whisky sour.

1 ½ oz Canadian Maple Whisky
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz Maple Syrup
2 oz Water
Pinch of cinnamon

Method: Stirred over ice
Garnish with cherries