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Doing the Right Thing During a Global Pandemic

All of our lives have shifted significantly during this remarkable year. The way we live, work and play has changed. What we thought was true, “right” and “normal”, seems unthinkable just a few short months after.

At the beginning of 2020, we thought we would do what we do best: crafting high-quality, small-batch spirits. Then the COVID-19 crisis unfolded. The demand for sanitizer was through the roof and it was next to impossible for emergency services, businesses and other organizations to secure the product they needed. Back in March 2020, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario approached us and asked us to enter into the sanitizer business. Within the shortest time, we changed a significant part of our operation to produce hand sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant. After all, we can distill alcohol to a very high proof and therefore have the capability to make the product. Ultimately, it was also the right thing to do.

WHO and Health Canada Approved

We work with a WHO approved formula of 70% – 75% Ethyl alcohol, which is the technical grade for sanitizer. The product is approved by Health Canada (Site License COV1050, Formula approved 223049).

Weeks into the pandemic we saw that demand for sanitizer would still be up for months to come and therefore created a separate operation and brand called Niagara CaresTM.

During this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we feel that community support is everything and it has never felt better to do the right thing.

We actively help our community by donating large quantities of hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant to first responders and local charities such as Project Share, Habitat for Humanity, Bethesda and local food banks.

Moreover, 10% of our cost of all Niagara Cares™ product sold is donated to a charity of the retailers’ choice through the Care Giver Foundation & Canada Gives. Because this, too, is the right thing to do.

Our gel hand sanitizer comes in a 500 ml pump bottle. We also offer hand sanitizer without gel in a 1.89 litre bottle as well as hard surface disinfectant in a 1.89 litre bottle.

If you are interested in sanitizing products proudly made in Ontario, please contact