Our Distillery

Quality ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, and a rich history are what give each of our spirits a unique finish.

Our Distillery
At Niagara Falls Craft Distillers, we are passionate about using quality ingredients, equipment, and barrels to bring our customers the best in small batch whisky. Our products are made locally and available at competitive prices. When you purchase whisky from us, you will find something more than just quality whisky — you’ll also get a great story with every bottle or barrel, inspired by the rich history of this area.

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers began in Niagara and has quickly grown to serve all of Ontario with the launch of Barrelling Annie. Today we are growing into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Because of our whisky, vodka, gin, cooler and liqueur products and the stories that come along with every bottle, you’ll want to make your next stop with us if you’re in the area.

 “We’ve been crafting and selling premium beer in Niagara Falls for over 15 years, but I’ve always had a passion and respect for quality spirits. Our goal is to create premium tasting products you can be proud of, with each of our brands representing the history that has shaped the city of Niagara Falls. Enjoy!”

– Chris Jeffries, Craft Distiller & Owner

We are proud of the unique cultural heritage of Niagara Falls, a town that is so much more than a spectacular waterfall. The city also has a rich military history, unique topography, and a fascinating history of daredevil entertainment, celebrity interest, and organized crime. This area is also considered the fruit bench of Ontario, where lots of incredible indigenous fruits are grown. You can retrace the footsteps of the original settlers, participate in unique cultural events, and enjoy the wonder and mystery of the Falls during your visit.

If you’re coming to Niagara Falls, why not come in for a great story and quality whisky while you are here? We look forward to being part of an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.