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At Niagara Falls Craft Distillers, our products are made locally at our state-of-the-art distillery, including a 1,000-litre copper kettle with stainless steel fermenters.  We use quality ingredients, employ local talent and are known for our community involvement.  The pioneering spirit is our mission to blend high-quality spirits with the natural wonder of Niagara Falls. We have the passion to learn, grow and expand, pioneering our craft in Canada and across the World.  Each lot is skillfully transformed from grain to glass with great pride, bringing our customers quality hand-made products.

Our Process

Column Distilling

Each batch is crafted with precision. While most small distilleries work with columns that have 6 to 12 plates, our column boasts 21 plates to distill all our clear spirits, providing a finished product that is remarkably clean and pure.

We pride ourselves in cutting the “heads” and the “tails” to leave our product full of “heart”. The heads are the first flow from the still, high in strength, but poorer in flavour. Then comes the heart, the most desirable liquid of the distilling run. The weaker tails at the end of the process are also less desirable in terms of taste. While it is expensive for us to only use the heart and not recycle the heads and tails, we believe that our customers deserve the best spirits in terms of quality and craftsmanship.


We distill to a very high proof before cutting our products with the limestone rich waters that run through the mighty Niagara Falls. We use our own Reverse Osmosis system to purify the water while keeping the minerals intact, leaving our products with a distinctively smooth mouthfeel. The finishing touch is a dosage of droplets collected from the mystified cloud suspended at the base Niagara Falls.

There’s something in the water

We use the same water that creates the roar and mist of the Falls, originating from the largest freshwater ecosystem on Earth.
18 percent of the world’s freshwater flows through the Niagara River, taking part in the 100km per hour rush downstream, eroding the mighty dolostone-limestone caprock at the ledge of the falls. This Thundering Water is rich in minerals, in fact, nearly over 60 tons of minerals flow over the Falls every minute. Ending the journey with a forceful 50m drop and transforming into a veil of mist, our water has characteristics like no other.

Our Story

Niagara Falls Craft Distillers began its operations just a stone’s throw away from the Falls. The distillery has quickly grown to serve all of Ontario and many other Canadian provinces. By now, international spirit lovers south of the border and worldwide enjoy our whisky, vodka, gin, cooler and liqueur products that remain true to Niagara Falls.
We have a deep respect for the natural wonder of this astonishing piece of land and its captivating beauty.

The Niagara peninsula is a temperate climate, being surrounded by two Great Lakes and is known for mineral-rich fertile lands with lush forests and fields with sprawling orchards and vineyards. We have local access to a unique ecosystem of natural resources that allows us to hand-craft high-quality spirits and liqueurs.

We cherish the community of the Niagara region, and recognize that it “takes a village” to make any project successful. We are invested in giving back, donating regularly to projects and charities such as Habitat for Humanity, Project Share, Bethesda and many others.