Eighth Wonder Ageing Single Malt Whisky (3L Barrel)

$289.95 $249.95

3 LitresĀ at 43% ABV

Our Eighth Wonder Ageing Single Malt Whisky is our attempt to create a whisky that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest Speyside Single Malts from Scotland. Made with a carefully crafted blend of eight (8) rye’s and barley’s in a 4 char American oak barrels, this sip and savour single malt is proudly named after our home of Niagara Falls; the 8th wonder of the world!

We have 3L White Rye ageing available for purchase now – to age at home. We also have 53 gallon barrels ageing at our distillery at Lundy’s Lane.


The perfect gift for any occassion!