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ABV 40%
Distilled 5 times
Recipe 100% grain
Bottle Size 750mL

Our vodka has aromas and flavours of citrus, lavender and spice. Medium-bodied with a warm finish, filtered twice through limestone to deliver a smooth finish. We enjoy our vodka ice cold, if you prefer mixing drinks, we have some inspiration for you below. 


Signature Serves


Misty Martini

Suspend your senses with refreshing lemon and soothing lavender notes of our Signature Misty Martini.

2 oz Vodka
½ oz Limoncello
3 Lavender leaves or pinch of Lavender flowers
3 squeezed lemon slices
1 cup ice

Method: Shaken over ice
Serve in: Martini Glass
Garnish with Lavender leaf
Pair with Oysters

Frosty Falls

Cool off with this fun & Frosty Slushie

Serves 4
2 oz Blue Curacao
8 oz Vodka
Juice from 1 lemon
2 blue popsicles or 1 cup water
4 cups ice

Methods: Blended
Serve in: Decorative plastic glasses, Metal Straw

Camp Caesar

Caesar your way with our take on dressing up your Caesar with classic Canadian snacking

2 oz Vodka
3 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
3 dashes Franks Red hot
Onion Salt
Cracked Pepper
Pepperoncini Juice
Clamato Juice

Method: Rim glass with lemon juice and Celery salt, Mix in the glass

Serve in: Red Solo Cup

Garnish with a skewer of Peperette and Smoked Sausage and a skewer of Mozarella, Olives and Salami.

Pair with your favorite chips